CBD Distillate Service

CBD Distillate Services

‍At Kola Labs our CBD Distillation uses a heat/vacuum combination to separate CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from the non-desirable compounds such as fats, pigments and waxes.

6 Reasons Customers Choose Kola Labs For CBD Distillation Services

Top Quality

You will not find another Distillation Service with our level of quality from product to end delivery. 


Our motto is retaining quality customers, not quantity. Each customer receives 1 on 1 access to our chemists and each account has a dedicated account manager.

Low Prices

Our CBD Distillation prices among the lowest in the industry.

Amazing Color

You will be amazed at the beautiful light golden color of our Distillate. Customers who have worked with prior labs before are shocked when they see our final product quality.


We’ve put true effort into our delivery experience. Your CBD Distillate will arrive in tamper-evident HDPE leak-proof containers that are properly labeled along with physical copies of the COAs every time you order.


Bulk orders do not slow us down. We are truly built to scale.

Kola Labs CBD Distillation Service Standard Operating Procedure


1. Customers sends COA for Hemp Biomass or Winterized Crude to info@kolalabs.com.

2. .Kola Labs responds to email. Customer and Kola Labs agree on final deliverables and date is scheduled for delivery.

3. Kola Labs invoices the customer.


4. Customer pays 25% deposit.


5. Customer ships or brings dried harvested biomass or CBD Winterized Crude to Kola Labs facility in Vista, California.


6. Kola Labs stores biomass or winterized crude in our secure climate controlled facility.


7. Kola Labs processes Biomass orWinterized Crude to a Full Spectrum CBD Distillate.


8. Kola Labs sends a 5g sample of CBD Distillate for 3rd party testing.


9. Kola Labs shares the 3rd party lab test results with customer.


10. Customer pays the remainder of the balance.


11. Finished CBD Distillate is picked up by customer, shipped or formulated into a tincture for an additional cost.

CBD Distillation FAQ

How long does the Biomass to Distillation process take?

On average we take 2 weeks from end to end depending on order size. We will give you an accurate quote before we start and meet our deadline.

What kind of quality should I expect form your CBD Distillate?

Our CBD distillate will always arrive in a clean golden honey color. You will not find any tint of red that clouds other companies Distillate. We work hard to maintain a level of purity that is not easy to match.

Can you take my Distillate and formulate it into tinctures?

Yes. We offer a Tincture filling add-on services option.

What are the minimum requirements in lb's of hemp biomass that you will process to broad spectrum, THC free distillate?

We require a 1,250 lbs minimum.

Do I pay for the potency testing?

No! Kola Labs provides a 3rd party potency test. Additional testing will be done at customer’s expense.

What are the minimum requirements in liters of crude that you will process to broad spectrum, THC free distillate?

We require a 50L crude minimum.

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