THC Free CBD Distillate


Kola Labs THC Free Distillate is among the cleanest on purest in the industry. Free of solvents and other junk material. We hold our golden glowing Distillate up against any other in the world.

What is THC Free CBD Distillate?

THC Free CBD Distillate is a premium raw material used in high end CBD products where THC is undesirable, but potent CBD is needed. CBD Distillate is when the entire spectrum of native cannabinoid phytochemicals are retained during extraction from the hemp plant.

Why Buy THC Free Distillate from us?

We are the most transparent CBD Extraction Lab in the world. We don't require you to sign up or fill out a form in order to see our pricing. We are upfront and sample with the ordering process. Our quality is golden yellow and one of the cleanest distillates you will ever find.

Where to Buy THC Free CBD Distillate?

You can buy THC Free CBD Distillate in Wholesale form from Kola Labs. We Offer the most competitive prices around without the hassle of having to fill out a form or deal with any "special quotes". We are ultra transparent and believe that buying CBD should be a simple process.

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Weight 1 kg

500 grams, 1,000 grams



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