Cutting Edge THC Remediation Service

‍Kola Labs THC Remediation service is the premier, high quality, cost effective solution. Our cutting edge technology and constant process monitoring using our Shimadzu HPLC, provides the highest quality remediation service on the market at 1/3 the cost of Chromatography. 

What is THC Remediation?

THC Remediation is defined as any method that eliminates or diminishes the level of the THC cannabinoid from hemp-derived items and concentrates. To meet government and state laws as well as customer demand, Extraction Labs around the world have created techniques to eliminate THC from their hemp products. On the whole, these techniques are called THC remediation.

What is the cost of THC Remediation?

Across the CBD Extraction Industry THC Remediation prices generally fall between $260 to $600 per input kilogram. At Kola Labs we are able to offer these services between $150-$225 per input kilogram. Upon completion, you will receive 100% THC Free Distillate.

6 Reasons Customers Choose Kola Labs For THC Remediation Services

Cost Effective

Not only are we 1/3 the cost of Chromatography, our Remediation rates are among the most competitive in the industry.

Solvent Free

No solvents are ever used in our THC Remediation.

No Volume Loss

Unlike other companies. Our process comes with no volume loss.

Minimal Cannabinoid Loss

Our range of Cannabinoid loss is an industry low 1-10%.

Better Cannabinoid Profile

We not only retain but enhance the minor cannabinoids.

High THC Threshold

THC levels up to 5% can be remediated

Kola Labs THC Remediation Standard Operating Procedure

At Kola Labs we know that great communication is key to a great partnership. Thats why we lay out our THC Remediation Services SOP for potential customers to review before placing an order. We encourage you call or email us so we can get to know you, your business and what your goals are.


1. Customer sends Kola Labs a Certificate of Analysis for cannabinoid potency of the full-spectrum Crude to be processed to a broad-spectrum/THC-free crude or distillate.

2. Kola Labs estimates the percentage cannabinoid loss in order to remediate 100 percent of THC.

3. Customer agrees to yield estimates and date is scheduled for delivery.


4. Kola Labs sends invoice to customer.


5. Customer pays a 25% deposit


6. Customer ships crude to Kola Labs, and sends email to with the carrier tracking number.


7. Kola Labs Remediates THC and sends a 5g sample of broad-spectrum distillate or crude for 3rd party testing.


8. Kola Labs shares the lab test results with customer.


9. Customer pays remaining balance


10. THC Free Crude or Distillate is shipped to customer.

THC Remediation FAQ

How long on average does the process take?

Our average lead time is 2 weeks depending on order size. During our initial conversation, we will quote you a delivery date and meet that deadline.

How much CBD loss is expected?

Our average CBD loss is anywhere between 5-12% but usually below 10%.

Can you take my crude oil or hemp biomass to a broad spectrum, THC free distillate?

Yes. We offer Extraction, THC Remediation and Distillation services.

What are the minimum requirements in lb's of hemp biomass that you will process to broad spectrum, THC free distillate?

We require a minimum of 1,250 lbs in order to process your Biomass to beautiful golden Distillate.

Who pays for the lab potency testing?

We provide a free 3rd party potency test on every order.  We can do additional testing that will be done at the customer’s expense.

What are the minimum requirements in liters of crude that you will process to broad spectrum, THC free distillate?

We require 50 Liters of CBD Crude Oil in order to process to our signature golden Distillate.

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