CBD Extraction Services

Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction is the new standard in CBD Extraction. Its aggressive enough to extract the beneficial compounds from your biomass while leaving behind waxes, lipids and pigments. This approach eliminates the need for a winterization process. Our extensive filtration process guarantees debris free CBD crude oil with a full flavor profile.


THC Remediation

Kola Labs is proud to offer a cost-effective, solvent-free, THC Remediation Toll Processing Service. Our cutting-edge technology was developed in-house by our PHD’s and Engineers. This technology is far superior to any competing technology on the market today. Our technology has NO volume loss and less total cannabinoid loss than any other technology on the market. We have the independent 3rd party COA’s to support these facts.

Hemp Toll Processing

Kola Labs manufactures the cleanest hemp oils or distillates from your biomass with our cutting-edge processing machinery. Our state-of-the-art facility helps farmers deliver a top-of-the-line end product to an industry in need of quality. We offer complete transparency with 3rd party lab testing.

CBD Distillation

At Kola Labs, our extremely high-quality CBD Distillation process turns your Hemp Biomass or Crude Oil into clean, beautiful golden CBD Distillate every time. Our CBD Distillate is unlike others on the market with no reddish tint.

CBD Isolation

Our CBD Isolate is Guaranteed to be above 99% pure every time. Our Isolate is Snow White in color and you will never have to worry about getting “Off White” color from our process. Our Isolate is some of the best selling on the market for good reason.


6 Reasons Customers Choose Kola Labs For CBD Extraction Services


Tradition winterization not required passing the savings to our customers.

2.Extensive Filtration

Multiple filtration steps for maximum purity.

3.Optional Splits

We process your hemp in exchange for a percentage split of the product produced.

4.Competitive Price

Our Extraction rates are the most competitive in the industry.

5.Toll Processing

Because of our investments in technology we can offer competitive Toll Processing.


200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol (Some Labs are using non-food grade ethanol).

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