Hemp Toll Processing Service

Toll Processing Hemp into CBD

‍Kola Labs Hemp Toll Processing Service can process your Hemp Biomass into CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate, THC Free Distillate and THC Free CBD Winterized Crude. We offer total transparency with 3rd party lab testing and up front pricing. Our heavy investment in equipment and research enables us to offer these services at a unique quality to price ratio.

6 Reasons Customers Choose Kola Labs For Hemp Toll Processing Services

Turnaround Speed

We guarantee a quick turn-around time from biomass drop off to completion.

World Class Facility

We invite you to tour our World Class Southern California Facility and to meet the Kola Labs team.

Quality Method

We use 200 proof food-grade ethanol for extraction and purification protocols. We have an in-house HPLC for quality control testing.

Toll Split Option

We process your hemp in exchange for a share of the extracted products.

Transparent Pricing

Our Toll Processing rates are the most transparent and competitive in the industry.

High Throughput

Large quantities do not slow us down. We are built to scale.

Kola Labs Hemp Toll Processing Standard Operating Procedure


1. Hemp Farmer / Broker sends COA for hemp biomass to info@kolalabs.com.

2. Hemp Farmer and Kola Labs agree on final deliverables and date is scheduled for delivery.

3. Kola Labs sends invoice to customer.


4. Customer sends initial 25% deposit.


5. Hemp farmer brings recently harvested biomass hemp to Kola Labs processing facility.


6. Kola Labs stores biomass in our secure climate controlled facility.


7. Kola Labs processes biomass to CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate, THC Free Distillate and THC Free CBD Winterized Crude.


8. Kola Labs sends a 5g sample of finished product for 3rd party testing.


9. Kola Labs shares 3rd party test results with the customer.


10. Customer pays the remaining balance.


11. Finished product is shipped to the customer.

Hemp Toll Processing FAQ

How long does this process to take?

Our average lead time is 3 weeks from Raw Material to Finished Product. Quantity dependent.

What is a hemp toll processing split?

A Hemp toll processing split is a zero upfront cost service that gives hemp farmers the ability to convert their high CBD content hemp flower or hemp biomass into hemp extracts such as CBD oil, crude, distillate, isolate, and other hemp-based products.

Can I hire you to remove the hemp flower from the stalks for me?

Yes, we can shuck and buck your material before processing for a fee.

What is the minimum amount of hemp biomass that you will process?

We require a 1,250 lb minimum.

What is the minimum CBD content my biomass need to contain.

The Biomass needs to contain at least 9% levels of CBD.

In what condition do you require the hemp biomass to arrive in?

We require the biomass to be properly dried and the total amount of sticks, stem, and stalk material must be less than 5% weight of the total mass.

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